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small yellow square Came across a strange pencil at work today, a Skilcraft <1> "Au Natural". The wood is unfinished - no paint, nothing - feels nice in the hand, but a little strange in my mouth, where I frequently park my pencil while working at a keyboard. No, I do not gnaw on them like some - it goes in like a bit, but I fold my lips between the pencil and my teeth. If a pencil has teeth marks I didn't put them there! As a bonus the "Au Natural"s erasure was a pleasant green rather than the common red.

small green square Legs still aching from Saturday's hike, probably made worse by treadmill running the next day - oh well, it's "good pain". We didn't make it all the way up to the ridge, and arrived back at the parking lot with the sun almost setting. The forest was lush, and not many people - some of those on horseback. For dinner we went to Applewood Pizza, a small chain people like here but I don't care for their thick sloppy pizza style.

small blue square Made a small donation to a new anti-Drug War organization, the "November Coalition." <2>. I also send the occasional check to the Drug Policy Foundation,

small purple square Today I ate nothing but crap - meat, starch and dairy. Only one kiwi in the morning, some cherries and the carrot juice - not even a nana.

small yellow square Why am I hitting the "Caps Lock" key by mistake, all the time, all of a sudden? It's making me nuts!

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<1> This name being well known to anyone who's worked in a US Government facility; Skilcraft must have won an eternal contract to manufacture all government pencils and ball-point pens.

<2>Interesting how the months of October and November can now be appropriated to give whatever a revolutionary flavor in this country. If they were truly American it seems more natural to call it the July Coalition.