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small yellow square Checked in my code at work yesterday, everyone's finally happy with my panel. Now I need another assignment - Y not Theory X? Today's Suck captures my mood exactly. Also, find today's entry in the Subway Diary - dis guy makes me laugh.

small blue square In other cyber-news, Word will be back! This is where you can find the recent Salon article about on-line Journals. Plus, Jon Katz continues his "geek" definition. It really is rather amusing how we've all shouldered this moniker which meant something entirely different back in grand-dad's day - someone at the sideshow who bit off the heads of live animals. Computer Geek?

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small cyan square Long phone chat with my friend B in LA, mostly about our mutual friend F in San Diego. B went down for the party F threw with her new live-in Irish beau; and things did not go well. I feel a little cheesy recording gossip here; although since neither F nor B are aware of this project I can speak frankly, but still it's just gossip and I'd rather my journal's content transcend that. So I avoid recording details here.

small violet square "A" and I talked for an hour last night, and then I had a great difficulty falling asleep. « background: pastoral music with ominous undertones » What am I getting myself into? And how can I resist? I've always wanted a relationship with a health care professional (that whole Nurse thing, naturally)...

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