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small orange square This fire business in Florida is getting downright apocalyptic.

small yellow square I made the scene at the café she mentioned and met "A", my dental hygienist from Wednesday. We're going to a movie tomorrow. She has no computer and is not on-line so I should be able to record what happens with some degree of accuracy.

small green square After this morning coffee I drove on up to the City, destination "Amoeba" on Haight St. En route I marveled at the cottony clouds resting on the summit of the high, redwooded hills (or low mountains) out the window to the west, blocking the view of the ocean. I was a half-hour early to the record store's opening, so I walked up the street, pausing for juice before turning back. At "Amoeba" I got Laika & the Cosmonauts' 1996 "Zero Gravity" <1> and the "Fahrenheit 451" soundtrack re-do by Joel McNeely, both for the used price. There were other possible buys I carried around for a time but then put back because they were a little too costly. Had lunch at the nearby "Pluto's", a great restaurant (discovered by N) which I hadn't been back to since almost a year ago when I had lunch there with my old chum C, who was "in town" then for business.

small cyan square Static and Dynamic elements of my street:

Dynamic - Moving
This loud motorcyclist who comes and goes several times a day, pausing at either end of the block to throttle, and sometimes riding back and forth (past my window) for the hell of it.
Static - Fixed
The strange anonymous green Step-Van, up on discrete wooden blocks (on its right side) bringing that side's wheels up to curb height, thus making the truck level. Why? I haven't observed it move in weeks; taped to the lower inside windshield glass are notes with phone numbers for contacting the owner if & etc. Opaque curtains hang behind the driver's seat so the interior is hidden. It's just the sort of "bug-out" vehicle I'd like to have stashed somewhere, stocked with survival gear and ready for headin' to the hills! <2>

small red square Today, at last, luscious cheap Bing cherries at the Safeway - the season is here, very short this year, dig in while you can!!

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<1> which is GREAT, at least initially - they do jangly surf-rock instrumentals. One of the cuts is a cover of the wonderful "Baja", the biggest hit recorded by the Astronauts (from Denver) in 1963. Another is a cover of "Fear", the music from "One Step Beyond" and the second season of "The Outer Limits". This is well-mixed with the "Twilight Zone" theme, performed by the Ventures and available on "Ultra-Lounge" #13, "TV Town".

<2> Which doesn't really hold up to deep thinking.

  1. After a month or two in the bush, what then?
  2. As if you could get out of town in time in a panic situation
  3. And how soon before some desperado with a firearm relieves you of the keys?