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small white square Tonight's twitchy theme music is "Warm Leatherette". (It's what I'm listening to; you'll have to use your imagination. Put it on if you have it.) Not the Grace Jones version but The Normal, with their true electronic `Devo' sound of the early 80's. I first heard it late one night up in David's Venice apartment in 1981, on his clock radio. Then a couple years later it showed up in some youthful public television neo-noir show, where it was the soundtrack as two punkish people wearing shades got to know each other while playing a primitive "driving" video game.
(I'm hoping this song turned up somewhere in that movie "Crash" - it's so appropriate.)

small gray square Early today I was back at the dentoid, for this pain in my upper right, back around the crown and missing wisdom tooth void. Nothing definitive from the X-ray, my previous was sent for from back east, my root canal may need to be redone! Due to a cancellation my cleaning could be and therefore was accomplished today rather than on the 14th, and the hygienist ("A") was rather fetching. Maybe she's so open with everybody, but she let me know when & where she hangs out, at a certain major bookstore's café.

small cyan square P tells me this joke - a chicken & egg are in bed together, and the chicken is smiling and smoking a cigarette... meanwhile the egg looks unhappy. The chicken says "I guess we know the answer now to that question." When I called V answered the phone - she has a new kitten which she may name "Luna" and she says it resembles Boris. Their house, located a mile from the Atlantic Ocean, is awash with new animals, as their Yorkie's puppies are getting bigger but their eyes aren't open yet. She had three males and a female Sunday. They're purebred, and the idea is to make a profit selling the pups.

small yellow square Made the arrangements for my next Euro-trip. Had prepared mentally to go earlier, like mid-September; but today the earliest available was mid-October, so I snagged it. Flight is to Düsseldorf via Chicago. I can come back anytime until next July, can change the date at no charge. This option is certainly nice to have, although the plan will be to return in three weeks.

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A tear of petrol is in your eye
The handbrake penetrates your thigh
Quick, let's make love
Before you die
On Warm Leatherette
On Warm Leatherette

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