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small orange square I visited Tower Records yesterday, and managed to resist the attempts made to persuade me to purchase enhanced, repackaged replacements for recordings I already own. Later I went over to Circuit City were I acquired a new Grundig <1> radio, a small multi-band affair with a built-in clock. It seems to have gone south already - I'm going to take it back tomorrow. I went up to the Stanford Theater in downtown Palo Alto last night for a screening of that 1950 whimsy called "Harvey", with James Stewart - I'd never seen it before. Very much reminded me of the entertainment at one of F's parties at her boyfriend's house in Culver City in 1993, a young man in a suit who danced around stuttering and rapping this schtick he'd developed, the Jimmy Stewart Rap. Easily imagined, unforgettable.

small green square As I left work today I was informed that somebody has assessed the new panel design I implemented and didn't like it, so they may restore the old one. Such is the nature of programming for the government; I've seen it happen many times before, from small chunks like this up to whole projects. This news meshes perfectly with my lethargic, slothful attitude today.

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<1> G-2000A World Receiver, 3 AA batteries Back