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small red square Amazing news of Chinese glasnost - today's live televised press conference between Presidents Clinton and Jiang.

small purple square I have finally seen blooming jacaranda, but I've come to the conclusion ain't many such tress up here in my section of the valley. Down in San Jose, where I was living last year, they must have much more. I bought fruits of the local trees today, dropping by the C.J. Olson orchard store, right on El Camino in Sunnyvale near Trader Joe's. There I learned the difference between the two types of yellow cherries - Royal or Queen Anne, and Ranier. The former are slightly darker and not so sweet - you can see a difference when they're side-by-side. I got the former - all three (these two and of course Bing) where $3 a pound there, the lowest it gets. Theirs are great cherries. I hear it's a bad cherry year due to el Niño - unexpected May rains made many of the cherries swell up & burst. Does seem like Safeway's only had mushy, tasteless Bings.

small violet square NPR reported tonight about increasing harvests of and demand for "bush meat" in Africa and the danger to Gorillas and Chimpanzees, and how this outrage isn't reported by the American media because they don't want to air footage of acts of savagery involving our closest cousins in the animal kingdom.

small yellow square While truing my rear bicycle wheel I snapped & replaced a spoke (on the easy side). That leaves one final spare. But I've gotten the wheel acceptably round, for one of its age. Ominous creaking noises are coming from up front; I bet the next problem's going to be there, nothing can be done due to the rusted-solid spoke structure. Idea: replace the front wheel first, thus delaying the rear gear cluster decisions, rather than replacing both at once.

Bing - cherry named a hundred years ago after the Chinese foreman of an Oregon nursery
glasnost - public information, publicity.
An official policy of the Soviet government emphasizing candor with regard to discussion of social problems and shortcomings.
(as opposed to)
perestroika - restructuring.
organizational restructuring of the Soviet economy and bureaucracy
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