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small orange square As N dropped me off at IAD we were discussing how our family never talks about things - actually some of us are talking about lots of bothersome issues but when conversation actually involves the Patriarch (my Dad), passage through certain sensitive areas is inhibited.

small green square N had the tape of "Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion" which I put in but could only take the first few minutes of. Amazingly, their Venice apartment building was where David lived in the early 80's! The film opens with a camera flying in over the ocean towards the beach, right up to and through their window. Same side, top floor, David was in the back unit and they were in the front (and for ten days in September 1981 I slept up on the roof). The front door called this older brick building "Biltmore By The Sea", and it's located along Ocean Front Walk. That visit switched the destination of my California dream migration from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

small yellow square Hanging out at N's house was very soothing, a feeling perhaps enhanced by the background sounds from "The Truman Show" soundtrack. He gave me one of that film's

How's It
Going To
buttons he's fabricated.

small violet square A sudden arrival of pain & heat sensitivity at the upper right rear of my mouth tells me serious dental work is required soon. I bet it's the last tooth back there, between my crowned, root-canalled molar and the void where my one missing wisdom tooth used to be.

IAD - Dulles International (airport outside Washington DC)
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