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small yellow square I like Jerry Brown. Until now I lacked the California background to understand why people call him "Governor Moonbeam"; apparently he was given the name because of a late 70's proposal that the state should launch its own geosynchronous communications satellite. Yesterday's Suck has a good article about Oakland Mayor-elect Jerry Brown. I voted for him in the Democratic primary of 1992. That November (instead of voting for the President) I started voting Libertarian. Mr. Clinton doesn't bug me like he does some, but his total lack of revolutionary zeal is very disappointing.

small green square I've discovered another journal so good I'm reading every entry. Subway Diary is quality wacky writing from young Paul Ford, of Brooklyn. In his pages I learn it was the Dead Milkmen who did that dumb song I taped off KROQ once called "You'll Dance To Anything". That tape was playing one Sunday morning a decade ago when I drove David and his sister into Watts to inspect Simon Rodia's towers there.

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