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small red square Work's usual routine was broken today with a Good-Bye Pot-luck & BBQ over in the picnic area by the Rec Center - six people are leaving, so instead of a luncheon... cloudy, but it didn't rain. Met some of the new people, including a charming French girl <1> who's just here for a year. The turnover is due to a big contract shift on-base from Stirling to Raytheon. Personally I'm not affected. The actual job's going well; the impossible task I was kvetching about earlier has been split into two components. The hard part will probably be tabled, and I finished checking in my fix for the easy part just before I rode my bike home <2> .

small violet square Truman Show:
A film of that allegorical variant of science fiction like "The Stepford Wives", where the "how" of the central fiction isn't meant to be considered so much as the "what" of the resulting situation <3>. I enjoy this movie's specific concept (in fact it's a near copy of a favorite "Twilight Zone": "A World Of Difference" <4>). In these stories the protagonist gradually discovers his world is synthetic and he's trapped there, like "The Prisoner" or Ragle Gumm in Philip K. Dick's Time Out Of Joint. That episode of "Mission: Impossible" ("Encore") where William Shatner's convinced that he's been thrown back in time also comes to mind. I'm rather baffled by the critics' lavish praise, as if there's some message or Big Meaning in this film.

small green square Some "Truman" clippings.

small cyan square In today's "Post", Miss Manners addresses the topic of people who use bulk email to forward jokes.

"There has always been an etiquette rule against grabbing people's attention for the purpose of boring them, whatever means one uses to do this." <5>
Her polite solution: just delete them. I have sometimes requested of those that do to knock it off, the unfortunate result being I no longer get any email from them. Personalized is always fine, it's this broadcast stuff that can be unwelcome.

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<3> like the holodeck on "Star Trek: The Next Generation" Back

<4> ...or, as it's sometimes known, Cut!
"C'mon Jerry - is it so hard to make a phone call?"

<5> Judith Martin in the Washington Post Back