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small gray square A gray Saturday of shopping, carrying out my consumer duty. Messages from my god-daughter's mother P in North Carolina indicate that her home PC's modem died. Replacement somehow means she needs a new sound card too, so she sends me off to Fry's, our notorious Californian Wal-Mart of electronics (actually I was planning a visit anyway). Kinda roundabout - she's working with a nice tech support guy in Oregon, who told her Fry's has what she needs, for only $8. I located the one she wants, I think - it's actually $8 after the mail-in rebate.

small yellow square At the comic shop, a new Daniel Clowes story (part one of three) begins in and takes up the entire latest issue of "Eightball".

small cyan square I've not much to say - guess I'm in a taciturn mood.

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