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small red square Today I voted, my first California election since '92. Here they give you a Hollerith punched card (double-sized, this time - the extra half for write-ins). You take your ballot into the minimal booth, insert it into the holder & start punching. A small punch-tool is chained to the card holder, which aligns the columns with the holder's choices. When finished, the voter slides the card out & slips it into the ballot box at the exit. This in contrast to the back-east machines with little levers in Maryland and illuminated push-buttons in Virginia. Both states have privacy curtains which swish open when the individual within "registers" his vote.

small orange square Communications today with my friends from elementary school. C makes contact - I called up T who said they'd been e-mailing. At the 25th high school reunion last September C, now an AT&T executive, claimed to be on-line and took my info to get in touch, but this hadn't happened until today. Hooray! Always glad to get re-connected with me old mates.

small yellow square Today's notable .sig file:

"All the world's a stage,
and the stage crew is drunk."

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