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small gray square Rode my bike to work today. The skies were gray by morning, but sunny on the way home.

small red square Tonight I cooked up my simple (and to many, revolting) pizza. Yes, I like anchovies. Since I find almost anything from the ocean tasty, why would they be excluded? In fact, I find their intense, salty flavor evocative of a sea breeze off the harbor and the docks, and that smell from underneath the pier. Yum! Anyway, prior to cooking I top a frozen pizza with anchovy from a tin as well as pineapple chunks- kind of like a Hawaiian Pizza.

small yellow square In the background I have "Brideshead Revisited" on. Both of my tapes contain fragments from most of the original episodes; plus, on the video, the entire of the seventh program, complete with William F. Buckley intro. (That's what's playing now, actually.) Since this was my very first videotape it's so ancient the picture on the monitor won't stop rolling <1>. But no matter, because I'm only listening, just as I do with the other tape, the cassette labeled "Voices From Brideshead."

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<1> or maybe my VCR's finally going down Back