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small yellow square At lunch today I was social - my co-worker/supervisor showed up several minutes behind me at the cafeteria, and rather than hunkering down with my book <1> I watched for him and waved him over to my table after he finished paying. Then we drove back in his car. I inspected the three CDs underfoot on my side of his cluttered sportscar: "Paranoid" by Black Sabbath, the Best of Free, and a James Gang best-of which I have, too.

small blue square It's "still" rainy here, even after Memorial Day, and the natives are very annoyed about the lingering wetness of el Niño.

small purple square I'm exploring the capabilities of Visio, an application used to draw diagrams and view-graphs - something I'm only rarely called upon to do, yet here it is on the desktop of my newly upgraded at-work PC, so I may as well become familiar with it. Using this application in conjunction with PhotoShop, I'm able to create the precision graphics I desire for animated GIFs - something new will appear on the main page soon.

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<1>Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy. It's oddly compelling - I'm almost at the end. Back