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small green square On Ray Suarez' "Talk Of The Nation" program, today's theme was Getting a Job in the Current Market. Featured were a Georgetown U Professor of Management and a guy I grew up with, one of the scoutmaster's boys <1>. He has become a Director of Recruiting for Anderson Consulting. The Professor was very sharp, and had a good idea for interviewing <2>; as for my former scouting companion, it was alternately laughable and frightening to hear the smooth corporate crap this voice was dishing out, this same voice I recognized as belonging to the weird, chubby kid with the really bad zit problem.

small orange square My parents have driven out to Kansas once again for one of their High School reunions, up in that state's northwest corner. My Dad had a situation there a few years back when he almost got his Ford van stuck in the mud. They drive around looking at old landmarks, and that time they weren't that long out of the rainy season. I pictured an already muddy lane bisecting plowed fields stretching away to the horizon. Him and my Mom (the non-driver) are motoring along when the wheels start to slip, as the road's edges are blurring into the surrounding fields... a potentially hellish nightmare. As always when they're traveling, I'll feel better when they return home tomorrow.

small yellow square Today's Internet find: a Heino page!
- Not to be confused with heinovision -

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<1> This was the more articulate one - his older brother was one of those extremely quiet types who make people feel uneasy; plus there was a sister I never met. Their father (may he rest in peace) was great, though - a real four-square, generous man. He drove members of his troop, including me and my brothers, many miles in his VW Type 2, on numerous camping trips. Back

<2> To conclude, give the candidate fifteen minutes at the end to write up a summary of the interview. Back