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small red square The Mountain View Library didn't have much Bach either, but they did have "The Sinking Of The Titanic", the remade 1994 CD of Gavin Bryars' sonic composition. I've heard bits of it elsewhere, over the years (it was one of the few LPs on the Obscure label where we first found Brian Eno's "Discreet Music") but I've never had a copy on my turntable until now. Bryars is fascinated with the band's playing as the ship sank - what would it sound like, music, immersed? So he started with that "Autumn" dirge-hymn they were playing, and created a tape-effects sound-collage which includes the muffled but actual true voice-recordings of survivors. I'm taping it onto what's left of a C-120 I recorded of the movie the third time I went.

small violet square I often pause at this library, on my way home when I ride my bicycle to work. I try to ride in about once a week, but haven't in months because of this foot-surgery thing, and the el Niño winter in general. It's a simple ride, just a few miles, no real hills. Ages ago I rode through all manner of DC weather year-round, when I was working yet carless. Eventually I got a VW and moved downtown: for a number of years thereafter I lived too far from work. My bicycle wouldn't see action for weeks at a time, until I lived in Hermosa beach (1987-91) - that was the best. I'd ride two miles along the beach <1> as part of that commute. Since then I've been 'out of range' until this job; which, I was just thinking, has only been ten months.

small yellow square Rattled Z's cage with a phone call this morning. After years of marital discord, her Algerian husband is moving out, today (allegedly - my perception is he's been leaving for years). She said that I "fence" during conversations - although rejecting this initially, upon reflection I realized that it's true, when I talk with her. It's a necessary defense mechanism.

small purple square Work has been the country club this week, what with the big boss on holiday and my task leader still in New Jersey. He'll probably be back Monday, just as well since my performance without supervision can be somewhat erratic.

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<1>Along the Strand, from 22nd St (where I lived in Hermosa) all the way up through Manhattan Beach and eventually past 'Scattergood' and at 'Hyperion' [industrials] where I turned in and rode up the big hill, and then through residential El Segundo, eventually to emerge onto Sepulveda/PCH with my office tower in sight. Back

LA radio verisimilitude:

Forty minutes of non-stop K-ROQ
Forty minutes of non-stop K-ROQ
Forty minutes of non-stop K-ROQ