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small yellow square Tried to watch "Brave New World" on TV last night - a new "made for television" movie <1>. I lost interest after about ten minutes - it was dull! The appearance was that "perfect" look of the late 90's Hollywood production, with characters' dialog so boring I got distracted. Perhaps it would've been more appealing in color <2>. Note - the book's great - if you've never, read it!

small red square I Am The Cheese has a concept which reminds me of Garp's Undertoad: the Never Knows. They come with Paranoia: "Never knowing who can be trusted. Never knowing who that stranger in town might be."

small cyan square Once again I'm able to walk to the cafeteria at lunchtime - give thanks for mobility!

small orange square I aks you please to not say:

ek - spresso
instead of espresso
ek - specially
instead of especially
ek - cetera
instead of etcetera and
ek - scape
instead of escape!

small violet square Curiously, the Los Altos library doesn't have much Bach. But I did find a CD of a record I had the vinyl of a long time ago, and I can now refresh my archival tape. It's "English Tone Poems" - the track I like is Delius' "Walk to the Paradise Garden".

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"Sport, as we all know, is the enemy of Art"
  - Alberto Moravia

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<1> Which in my book makes it not a movie at all - if it hasn't been shown in theaters, if it's released "Direct to Video" - it's no film, just a long TV show.

<2>Despite what a lot of people think, I do have the capability - I've got a working VCR (although it no longer cares to rewind) and a monochrome monitor (green), so if there's something I really want to see I can tune in. First, though, I must connect two co-ax cables which are nominally coiled in separate corners of the living room. Then, with this big loose white wire stretching across everywhere I'm plugged into the building's free cable. What's amusing is I now receive a $0.00 bill from the cable company addressed to "occupant" - I guess it's easier if they just bill everybody.
I remember reading in a women's magazine recently, one of these articles about the differences between "him" and "you", and how a Guy once expressed dismay at her (the author's) rabbit-ear antenna. "No cable!" he exploded. "You have to have cable. It's - it's fundamental!" Sports-watching moron jock, I thought. No, it's not - and your television set needn't be fundamental, either.