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small white square Yesterday afternoon there was hail mixed in with the rain, at times - first hail I've ever seen in California.

small gray square My apartment's plumbing isn't perfect. The big problem <1> has just been corrected, what remains is an artifact of older, creaky water systems - on the Cold side of the kitchen sink, if you don't turn it on/off all the way quick you feel vibrations through the handle as you rotate it through certain angles - a very loud noise becomes that machine-gun resonant-frequency business where everything starts shaking - I'm sure you've experienced this. It's not a problem big enough to bother with reporting, but there it is. Same with the bathroom sink's Cold spigot which leaks a little dribble while it's turned on. The nice landlord would fix these too, eventually; but I prefer to minimize his time inside my unit.

small blue square Tomorrow my routine will be disrupted by my car's appointment for brakes rejuvenation. I'll briefly be a public-transit bus person.

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<1> the leaking bathtub valve, couldn't shut off Hot completely