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small green square Success at work, made the deadline easily. (This about which I was griping previously.)

small purple square The word from Virginia is my friends G & D have "patched things up" after G's western sojourn. This is why that little sub-theme of my journal has faded out.

small cyan square Listening to Joe Frank, just realized that "No Show" 1 is his journal. One might also look to "Journal 1" 2 thinking to find some, but that's more Joe refusing to Journal. If you'd like more information about Joe Frank there's a good FAQ here.

small violet square What did you think of those footnotes in the above paragraph? My very first! I hope you saw them - I'm not sure which standards support this <SUP> tag.

small gray square So I tried one of these Real Audio links into KCRW just now, for the first time in months. Predictably, they've now inserted a short plea for membership at the show's beginning - I imagine this is now the case for any of their fine offerings via this medium. Thankfully the voice was not Ruth Seymor's.

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<1>"Work In Progress" first broadcast in 1986,
available here in RealAudio and RealAudio 2

<2>"Somewhere Out There" from 1997
RealAudio and RealAudio 2