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small orange square Been to a few gun shops and have so far lacked the cojones to step up and start the process. Just don't want to relate at all with the characters behind the counter. Also think having a pistol around the house might be difficult - there'd always be this perverse temptation to put it to my head. Need a rifle anyway to hit whatever before it get close enough to be threatening, so I think I'll stop looking at handguns.

small green square Yesterday I extracted my two from the toy box and re-learned how to cast a top. The "peg top" is hard to spin, initially - it takes awhile to re-learn the skill - how to wind the string, and the just-so arm movement. A good spin-time is 60 seconds, 70 is great but the few long ones I get are 80 seconds - the 1.5 minute barrier being so far unbroken. It's such a dumb sport compared to the yo-yo - there it spins while you stare at it, slack-jawed, for a whole minute - what can you do for tricks, kick it around? I have one of the few tops Duncan <1> made, one of only a few models - the Imperial was the best - another was a whistling unit just like the yo-yo, with the little peripheral holes. I have four Duncan yo-yos, three wooden (a red, a mint-condition orange and a blue) and an Imperial my older brother H could make a serious though futile claim upon - it's a gray-marbleized wonder with a metal shaft. You can barely discern the fleur-de-lis Imperial logo on both the yo-yo and on my Imperial top, which is hollow, the two halves being the transparent blue lower, and the opaque white upper. Alas its two parts dislike staying together at operational torques now, plus its point (made of some special substance, a clear plastic) has become dull. But at Zany Brainy I once found the exact same classic shape in polished wood - that's the one I've been throwing - I stash the new string in the old Imperial. In elementary school I recall we had brief, distinct seasons of both top and yo-yo fashion, when those who could congregated in groups, manipulating & wielding their toys. We never did marbles, though. That was too old-fashioned.

small purple square Feet much better today.

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<1>Does the Duncan name still exist? This was the company known for yo-yos - all mine are from the early to mid-1960's... I think I last saw them for sale in the early 70s, but I seem to recall something a lot more recent. Back