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small green square Was thinking about Jane Hathaway - the actress' name was Nancy Kulp (1921 - 1991), Did you know she ran for public office in Pennsylvania (state senate) and was beaten, perhaps because her Republican opposition got Buddy Epson (Jed) to do make some video - I'd like to see commercial highlights from their 1984 campaign! This sounds like it could maybe be an urban legend.

small red square Made delicious kedgeree this morning - when the ingredients were assembled I had no parsley - it really is a requirement so lacking anything I rode my bicycle down to the Sizzler & walked in as if to inspect the salad bar pre-dining decision <*>. No parsley - however anything green will and so I grabbed a piece of spinach & split, riding home with my special leaf. Today's mixture: basamati rice, a scrambled egg & tin of Kippers, raisins and curry. Plus the spinach leaf, chopped up.

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<*>I've been meaning to inspect this anyway, had heard it was possibly superior to Fresh Choice - not so. Back