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small gray square Slate is featuring their own version of journals. Each week they have daily posts of somebody interesting's diary - last week was the author Douglas Coupland, this week it's been the film critic Roger Ebert, who is in Boulder attending annual Conference On World Affairs, which seems to be an eclectic mix of panel discussions. Studs Terkel was there this year - a student asked him: "Were you at Woodstock?" Studs: "I wish I had been," he says, and quotes Joan Leslie: "The 1960s are put down by those who delight in the failure of dreams."

small red square Phone chat with B yesterday. Concerning foot operations, she said she's known cases where it just made things worse, and also where the patient said "It's the best thing they could've done". I'm wondering if I'll fall into the first camp - I believe my warts are growing right back. My feet still hurt: too much to run, or walk long distances.

small blue square Worked out at the gym for the first time since the operation - took it extremely easy. Wearing the flip-flops in the sauna & shower was repulsively restrictive. The mat in the corner was new (green replacing blue) and all three treadmills were operational. Something mildly entertaining was on-screen in the aerobizone - three ten-year old boys in alittle interplanetary pod-ship - reminded me vaguely of The Wonderful Flight To The Mushroom Planet <1>.

small purple square First street sighting of the new VW Beetle, this one pale-yellow. It went zipping by on the other side of the highway as I was instead tracking a white '59 Imperial a couple cars behind me. Given my Volkswagon history <2>, everyone asks if I'll get one. I have no desire to own one, that's for sure - right now I want a good used van - but I am interested in its general shape und fahrfergnügen.

small yellow square Prepared & ate my special yakitori chicken this evening.

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<1> by Eleanor Cameron Back

<2> former beetle owner, '71 and '72 bugs between 1980 and 1991 Back