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small green square There's an odd bit of pretension in upscale supermarkets here. They've installed sprinkler systems in many a grocery store's produce section to make the veggies appear more shiny and attractive (and perhaps it even keeps them fresher) - every few minutes one hears some chimes (a warning to customers to withdraw their arms lest sleeves get wet) which is followed by a brief shower. This is the scenario at the Safeway where I shop most often... but at their branch up in Los Altos, (a more hoity-toity neighborhood) the warning sound isn't chimes, but a recorded thunderclap - and I believe this is even accompanied by some simulated lightning, although that may just be a flickering bulb in the recessed lighting I only notice during & because of the thunderclap.

small red square Heard on the news yesterday: California DMV security is so lax, a recent audit revealed that there's five people driving around whose licenses say they're Santa Claus - one person even has one with the name "Me". Apparently this sort of bogus ID is easily obtainable on the street, via unscrupulous State workers in the bureaucracy. I've heard it said that if you'd like to know what it would be like living in a totalitarian society, just visit the DMV.

small white square And speaking of Santa Claus, shouldn't he really be referred to as San Claus? Santa Maria and San Jose are what the Spanish call Jesus' parents Mary & Joseph. Hence Santa is the feminine form, and San the masculine. But I suppose Santa Claus would not be considered a saint by the Church. I'm wondering how Saint Nicholas became thusly emasculated? Email me if you have the answer.

DMV - Department of Motor Vehicles

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