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small orange square Discovered an odd web-zine today - tragically, like Word, this one has also died - it's called Simpleton. There's a couple amusing British characters in some of its features who use the term "tossers" disparagingly - wonder what it means? Whatever, it sounds funny.

small green square This evening up in Los Altos I made some small talk with a women out walking her two small dogs. The black one was a poodle of no interest, but the other one, a beige color, was trotting along like no animal I've ever seen. It was like he had invisible connecting rods attached to his legs - on either side, both front and rear feet moved in tandem. She said "Alex" always walked that way; the more I watched, the stranger he appeared. I turned away in bafflement.

small red square I called my Dad today, his 70th birthday. Now there's a milestone. Once again my sister K is unemployed.

small purple square G has returned to Virginia, and D let him in. Apparently they are talking. "Making up" may be a long struggle for him; she'd gotten used to his absence.

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