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small green square I'm getting sick - I think I must've picked up a cold germ in Vancouver!

small blue square Long talk with G this morning - he's bummed, things <1> aren't working out and he'll probably be driving back to Virginia in a few days. When I asked how he was doing he said he'd "...had better lives", a rather Buddhist comment which made us both laugh. As we both groused about work, in my mind's ear I heard lines from the ruby song <2> I got last year on a promotional cassette called "Work", which I thought contained songs about work - now I realize that's a new Sony sub-label. Anyway, he responded with enthusiasm when I suggested that he's suffering from a mid-life crisis, and needs to find something to get passionate about - I tried describing what I recalled from Xiled's journal entry about his Cornell commencement speech, about how to "get a life" (it's in the sixth footnote). D, meanwhile, has gotten used to G's absence; and doesn't sound like she wants him to return.

small violet square Two interesting programs I watched on my Vancouver hotel room's television - with serendipitous luck I caught the very "Star Trek: TNG" program I wanted to see again. Somewhere recently in an article I read, the author mentioned it in the context of if he had access to a holodeck <3>, he'd never come out - this episode featured a painfully shy engineering officer who populated his imaginary, pastoral world with exaggerations of the series' main characters: Geordi, Riker and Picard were musketeers, Wesley was a spoiled fop eating great hunks of pie, and Deanna Troi (the best) wore flowing, off-the-shoulder robes and declared: "I am the Goddess of Empathy!" (Very funny if you're familiar with them.) The other show was British comedy from a guy named Russ Abott - would like to see more of him. This was a BBC production called "Russ' Diner": various slapstick sketches, the most relevant of which had him done up in an enormous padded RCMP uniform playing a Mountie named "Toronto Tom".

small purple square I read today that BMW has purchased Rolls-Royce (which has also been the Bentley manufacturer, since -- ?) They beat out Volkswagon, whose bid was inadequate. (Why wasn't Daimler-Benz interested?) Kind of a strange consolidation - along with the aborted merger of Lockheed-Martin and Northrop-Grumman, reminds me of the future in the film "Rollerball" where the eventual mergings (both governmental and commercial) had ended in just six organizations, with names like Power, Entertainment, Transportation, and Food.

small red square The daily changing of these bandages on my feet has exhausted my band-aid reserves - I found an ancient one in my travel kit with the red thread, bearing the once-familiar legend "Tear Off Either End Pull String Down" - those seldom functioned correctly, and true to form it didn't work with the last one, either. This was a Johnson & Johnson Sheer Strip, still my standard, but they come in square cardboard boxes now, instead of the nicer rounded tin container with hinged lid. I retained my last metal one when they switched to cardboard, and now transfer new band-aids into their traditional home, discarding the new box.

small gray square My hair is turning gray - this is especially evident among my pubes. Once again I'm flirting with the notion of shaving my head.

TNG - The Next Generation
RCMP - Royal Canadian Mounted Police

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<1>He thought he wanted to live the solo life near the slopes (for skiing), but his feeling now is the reality doesn't match the anticipation. Back

<2> "...the shit and the shovel, the ass lick and the grovel" - from "Hoops" Back

<3>The holodeck being a place where literally anything can be created, the vague explanation being "with transporter technology". It's one of the conventions of TNG which make for entertaining television but dumb science fiction Back