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small red square Today I was always hungry! It was weird - although I had a regular, healthy lunch; by 3:30 I was so famished I had to leave work & get the usual at Tung Kee Noodle. Just couldn't think about anything else. Plus I had a headache all day, for which I had to take not one but two of the super-strength pills the neurologist gave me (Esgic).

small green square Long talk with L about the coming dark times. The rationality of the Yourdon article mentioned previously has convinced him. They work him too hard; various projects of home improvement are stalled (prime among them being the greenhouse). A cistern wouldn't be that hard to rig; plus a generator & wood stove would hardly be insurmountable obstacles. Reduction of level of comfort is a concern...

small blue square Churchill quote of the day:
"The veils of the future are lifted one by one, and mortals must act from day to day."

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small violet square And that'll be it for these quotes, as I've just finished the Winston <1>. I may "do" the next one, but it won't be for a year - I usually don't read such heavy, dense material. This book concludes with his becoming Prime Minister just before Dunkirk, and ends with the following line:
"Facts are better than dreams."

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<1> The Gathering Storm by Winston S. Churchill. The next volume of his six-part history of World War II is Their Finest Hour Back