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small green square The Swiss Miss called me at work and convinced me to take the day off! I can't recall cutting out of the job early for a long, long time - not since the mid-80's, before I moved to LA. We'd planned on doing something previously, over the weekend; but she'd developed conflicts and the weather prediction was less than favorable, in contrast to today which was glorious. So off we went.

small yellow square First & major stop was the Golden Gate Bridge. We parked at the south (city) side and walked out past the middle, to a point a little beyond that of my one previous non-auto experience here, when U and I ventured out on bicycles one foggy day of July 1976. Walking back, we retrieved the car and drove across, to have a splendid high-class fish dinner at Scoma's in Sausalito, sitting at a table by the window with a view of the bay. Then back to the bridge, hanging around up in the Marin Headlands before crossing, taking in that grand view at sunset as the lights came on.

small blue square Crossing back over the bridge we approached the Little Italy district, to execute my idea of deriving travel information at the Green Tortoise Hostel. Theirs turned out to be a funky establishment in an older building, as was perhaps to be expected - I was glad for the opportunity to make this scene. The Green Tortoise is an alternative bus line established in 1974 - someday I'd like to take one of their trips. She got some useful info about the San Diego hostel, although no leads yet on a ride to Arizona, where she'd really like to be for the month remaining before her return.

small purple square Then back to Mountain View, were I took her into work so she could check her email - seems that the browsers available at the library only show the first half-screen of each message - wotta rip! So I'm writing this now while she catches up using Netscape 4 my Sun workstation. Her ex-boyfriend back in die Schweiz has an invention of a "swing-couch" - she describes it as a rig with unusual mountings for the cables that somehow energize the user? I don't pretend to understand <1>; but it's much fun for me just spending time with and sharing the occaisional bit of dialogue auf Deutsch with this attractively exotic European girl.

small cyan square She baked me a little loaf of special bread, and when we departed I gave her a Temari ball. I fully intend to visit her, to get the personal tour of her small town, when I return to Europe in the Fall.

small violet square It's odd how certain minor themes arise in this narrative. The night before, I'd updated the current tape, and one of the tunes I'd included was "Waterloo Sunset" (mentioned last Sunday). Of all the various songs playing in the background while we drove around, this was the one which caught her attention - she turned it up & was singing along. (Perhaps the Kinks are big in Switzerland?) Plus, while we paused in a tourist shop in Sausalito where she purchased postcards and a souvenir mug, "Waterloo" (by Abba <2>) came out of the overhead speakers - quite loud & distinct, strangely, unlike the other selections of background music there.

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<1> She showed me the new English translation of his pitch; it's too rich to exclude, so here goes:

"In tune with the earth."
The pendulum recliner is an aid in the natural relaxation of bcxly the mind and spirit; if allows for a precise atturement to the rhythmic vibrations of the cosmos. Thus, you can immerse youself in harmony with the with the rhythm of nature. It provides for an anatomically correct posture which releases pressure on the spine and muscles of the back, thus establishing an environment that makes for deep relaxation and/or meditation. The pendulum recliner is beneficaial in the relief of backache, and forbalancing the body's energy.

The cosmic Octave. Primordial Sound

The cosmic octave, or primordial tones, are intense accoustic phenomena inherent in our natural environment; devoting one's attention to them returns us into a state of harmony with the course of things, that is, according to the Chinese concept, in harmony with the "TAO".

Under ordinary circumstances, we perceive only the tones and frequncies within the audible range. The primordial tone on the other hand, corresponds to the fundamental motion in nature and in the cosmos, and lies with the range that is imperceptible to the human ear. The pendulum recliner is constructed in a manner that enables the primrdial tone frequency to be experienced in the sphere of perception.

Tone and length of pendulum

The precise callibration of the vibratory rhythm is achieved by lengthening or shortening the supporting rope. For example, the tone of "G", the tone of the day, at a pendulum length adjusted to 1.73 meters, corresponds to the frequency of the rotation of the earth in 24 hours; it has a profoundly relaxing effect on the body and mind, and is, at the sime time, revitalizing.

Materials used

The pendulum recliner is a product of Switzerland made of organic and ecologicall sound materials, such as pine wood, cotton, and polypropylene, (Hemp ropes are available on request.)

The recliner is about 70% handmade.

***No tropical wood is used***

Interested? DNA-Systems
Relaxtion and Meditation Recliners
P.O. Box 22
4504 Solothurn-Switzerland
Phone (0041) 032 622 29 23

E-Mail or

<2> I have no problem with this group's Euro-pop sound. In fact I registered my appreciation for this specific number (their first big hit) by buying the single when it came out in 1974; and playing it sometimes, much to my friends disgust (the term of derision used would've been "bubblegum" then). Actually I was inspecting Abba's "greatest hits" CD offerings a few months back, but none was ideal & interest faded before making a purchase. Back