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small yellow square Once again our glorious North American Republican Empire inches closer towards aggression in the Middle East. I was one of the many ashamed by our involvement in the Iraqi conflict <1> over Kuwait - I didn't see it as our battle at all, and it's deeply regrettable that our country is needlessly in bed with those corrupt, tyrannical regimes like Saudi Arabia's. My solution to this problem is simple, involving that other Middle East state we should have little to do with: Israel. If elimination of Sadam Hussein is the true objective we should call in the enormous Israeli debt by demanding that Mossad take him out - a job they should be able to handle, and one not against their own laws (our own hypocritical "do-gooder" assassination prohibition hinges on an easily retractable executive order signed by Jerry Ford). The big-picture problem, underlying but seldom discussed, is keeping Middle East oil flowing, so we can all maintain our greedy, indulgent American lifestyle - so we can put the "peddle to the metal" without worry of the consequences - for the present. I myself would welcome another embargo, to force conservation on all of us, as I've always in thought if not action ascribed to a Green lifestyle. I could now live without a car, as I did between late 1975 and late 1980 <2>, relying on my bicycle and public transportation.

small blue square G has rebuked me, declaring that he doesn't want to debate what he's doing. I suppose I should've resisted giving such forceful advice; as I recall from How To Win Friends And Influence People, Dale Carnegie cautions against giving honest advice, even when asked, since it can be interpreted as a criticism; but it's so difficult to remain silent as you watch a loved one march directly towards a big, deep hole!

small white square Just as I was leaving the cafeteria at lunch today I saw the mystery girl again, the ringless reader who dines alone. Couldn't identify her book this time, but I observe how her head pivots slightly back & forth as she scans along the lines of text. Perhaps mine does too?

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<1>1. Just like Vietnam, I believe it's a submission to newspeak <sub-1> of the prevailing Authority to call that a "war" - in 1991 (just as they're doing now) Congress abdicated their war-declaring power to the President - and of course if Bush had followed through back then we wouldn't be in this jam now (perhaps we'd be in a different jam...) - but like Somalia this was something he got us into, then left it to Clinton to resolve (perhaps by design, so the Republican toadies could crow about those soft, ineffectual "Liberals"). Back

<2> For four of those five years I was working full-time, and this was Back East where they 'have weather'. Back

<sub-1>This is a reference from George Orwell's 1984, I hope you know. Back.