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small red square Listening to yesterday's This American Life while driving around today - this week's theme was a kind of anti-Valentine - stories of people married a long time (in contrast to the usual hearts & flowers message of Falling In Love). Some were happy because they'd found ways to "deal" - others were just there. For decades.

small green square A current crisis reflecting this theme involves long-time friends D&G back in Virginia. Seems he's had enough, believes he's been living a lie and wants to (in fact, plans to) move out soon in a grand gesture. I think he'll crawl back, since he's one of these guys who's never been single in his life, always had a woman (Mom or his wife) to handle the home chores; but the damage is done. Makes me wonder if couples without kids should even be married - I mean, what's the point of being legitimate if you don't have a family? Other friends and I have always thought this couple's surrogate was the dog they (well, she) always lavish a little too much attention on - and she'd probably agree.

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small blue square Was planning on going up to the Stanford Theater to see "Picnic" with William Holden & Kim Novak, but I knew nothing else about it & the times were inconvenient. Then thought that could be the ideal way to go to a film so I dashed up there but alas, no evening show - I should've checked the schedule. Imagine not having a 7:30 screening Sunday night of a long weekend! So instead I went to Tung Kee Noodle, since I'd had an expensive (and non-Zone <1>) lunch at Koo Koo Roo in Menlo Park.

small gray square Must end this to get to bed at a reasonable hour; stayed up way to late last night working on the HTML, but I've pretty much established a format I like and a reasonable system for routine updates. More uploads tomorrow; the site should go "live" in another day or two.

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<1>There's a few books out by Barry Sears espousing his "Zone" dietary scheme. It makes a lot of sense & I've been trying to adapt it to some degree. What it means to me is more veggies, balanced snacks, and what were formerly thought of as OK (pasta, rice & bread) are now viewed with suspicion (but still not avoided as much as necessary). Back