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small light blue square Woke up again with more mild sore throat sensations - faded by mid-day, hope this isn't some pre-flu stage.

small violet square Found a free e-mail service (Mailcity) with which I'm comfortable. This will be specific to this journal site, if I really go through with the mad venture. Anonymity will be vital. But how long can I keep it a secret from friends & family? Try for months, at least...

small yellow square More rumblings today about the hostile takeover. My company said "No", but once set in motion, don't these things always occur? Can't see it bothering me all that much; a parting of our mutual ways was bound to occur in some form or another within the year, but I'll bet they're losing it big-time back east.

small purple square Not much else to report today; some rain, dinner at the Vietnamese soup & noodle place which Bob <1> once called "the Fuckin' Noodle" (and it shall ever be named such, in my mind). This branch of the small chain has a very dark exterior side, next to the parking lot & side door, where it seems two or three homeless make their semi-permanent bivouac. I avoided close contact, managing to stay just out of range en route to my car.

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<1>A work-mate who's less than enthusiastic about exotic chow. Back