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small white square This morning I asserted a machine in a gym's aerobic area for the first time - gesturing to the "30 minute" rule on the sign, the woman fast-walking on the treadmill, with over 35 minutes logged & plainly visible; she `caved' with some wimpy excuse. I'm pretty sure the hard-core types use tricks in order to evade this, although I do recall a Santa Monica Sports Connection staff member moving down the line once, checking. But not ejecting anyone.

small green square Have I really been working out now, for over nine years? Why am I not a buff Adonis? (because I bore & tire too easily)

small blue square Today comes news of a possible/probable buy-out of my company by another - a move sure to be causing much wailing & gnashing of teeth back east, where there's great numbers of long-time drones on the payroll. Fortunately my job skills are current and I've never had much faith or investment in the retirement plans. Still it's a little unnerving - I've been on same payroll for twenty years.

small violet square Dinner tonight was at the Gombei "Open Kitchen" up in Menlo Park, after I returned my new specs (and quoted the worker there named Rose one of Rose's "Titanic" lines and I don't believe the bimbo `got it': "Now that I'm a paying customer I expect to get what I want". Perhaps I should have said it after handing her a 1910 dime? Anyway I like the other one much more - younger, less attractive, but obviously the brains of the operation. This due to too much of her commands that I stare right into her eyes as she checks the lenses' optical center... must get her name - anyway, I had broiled mackerel with salad, miso and the big block of tofu with the bonito flakes: Yummy!

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