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from "Humphry Osmond - Psychedelic Pioneer"

I bought a scanner! Having this appliance in the home opens up all sorts of possiblities refreshing to contemplate, even liberating. This is the first scan, a panel from a new comic book about Alduous Huxley and Humpfrey Osmond, among other things - like the little origin-tracing illustrated, which I see no reason to dispute. I'm starting to loathe those no-necks. myself - there's too many of them. I believe this is the work of David Collier, although I can't find any author/artist cite in the magazine - his old-fashioned cross-hatch style makes me wonder if anybody's calling him the Canadian Crumb?

Gray days here, slight rain. Today is Chinese New Year, still a bit of a holiday feel, everybody's not here, at work. An Asian restaurant in Los Altos is decorated for the occasion with what seem to be red pineapples; I'm wondering if they're supposed to be tomatoes? These are those paper fold-open party decorations which close up almost flat, but opened completely form something round.

The guy I share this teeny office with, my supervisor/co-worker, is out of town, in Louisiana for Mardi Gras. I'd like to visit New Orleans myself sometime, but going that one week, along with everybody else, seems like dangerous folly to me.

Buddy Knox died today! Everybody else goes on about his big hit "Party Doll," and it is a classic, don't get me wrong; but I favor "All For You," a little ditty of his I discovered in 1993 and played often - you probably heard it at some point, if you were around me back then. Farewell, Buddy - and just the other day they were annualizing about that other 50s rock'n'roll Buddy from Texas, whose plane went down forty years ago.

If some day
Yer doubts should fade away
Tell me so and I'll be all for you
But right now I'm listening to "The Lambeth Walk" from 1938. ("Oi!")
Feb 17
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