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Saw "Go!" yesterday. Comparisons with "Pulp Fiction" are inevitable due to the convoluted, multi-threaded story structure. I had a good time, the cast was fun, and in the middle I was somehow reminded of "The Big Lebowski." Previews: for the new Disney "Tarzan" (looked great); and "The Love Letter" and "Drop Dead Gorgeous" - both of these looked bad, especially the latter, which uses that "Home Alone" style of cartoony violence which a lot of very weird people seem to enjoy, but it drives me from the theater.

Often I send Geoff an email with
Subject: URL o' the Day

Doesn't actually happen daily, and sometimes there's long intervals without; but this was today's: a view of Joe Lunchpail. I found it while probing around for information about the closed down train station in Buffalo, NY - I was wondering if that was the imposing edifice I spotted from the freeway in 1995, when I was driving back from Tony's island in Ontario, but that big building (looking like something from Gotham City in a strange daylight overcast) must've been their much larger City Hall. (Both have prominent octagonal towers.) The zine I mentioned last entry has a web-site at with better pictures and notes about their more recent explorations of this ruin, which may be entering a phase of renovation. Sad that it probably won't be returning to service in its original rôle - that the US let our rail system decay is criminal, and a reason I like traveling in Europe so much. Their train stations are still in use and vibrant hubs of transportation.

For entertainment this evening I was at the public library in the Sunnyvale civic center for a presentation, a slide show by a frugal, vigorous married couple about their round-the-world bicycle tour. (Took 'em three years.) It's a journey I want to make (although not by bike - I prefer that device for short distances only) so I was very interested. Rather than a sequential program their images were all jumbled up, and they (both school teachers from Florida) alternated in the narrative description of what we were shown. Instead of repeating any of these travel tales, watch for their book - the last name's Sutch.

Previously I mentioned an essay about "The Matrix" at Transparency; it still hasn't reappeared but this one does an even better job of describing that film's references, how it invokes sacred legends from various sources.

And while I'm tossing out URLs, apropos to nothing here's a nifty site by Lloyd, who's into constellations of satellites. Read it and know the difference between Iridium and GPS.

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Buffalo Central Terminal (abandoned 1979)

Apr 26
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