Halloween 2009

Here are the pumpkins we carved this year, at Kristin's 24th annual pumpkin carving party. Aren't they wunderful?

Check out our pumpkins from other years!


Alex Bradley did this awesome Blue Meanie (which is of course really an Orange Meanie).

This splendid sun pumpkin was carved by Petra.

This excellent Van Gogh pumpkin was done by Donald DiPaula.

Janet did this Frankenstein pumpkin.

This is one of two done by Alison...

...and this is Alison's second pumpkin.

Suzete created this Bug Eyed Monster using a photo of Alison making a scary face for inspiration.

Melanie did this Werewolf-inspired pumpkin, which included trees and gravestones on the back.

Some of the photos on this page were taken by Kevin Hollenbeck. (Thanks Kevin!)

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