My name is Daniel Russett. I was born on July 25, 1970. I currently live in Boulder, CO, which I like very much.

I work for a company called VR-1, a computer game company. I consider myself very fortunate to do something interesting and exciting for a living. I am currently a game designer on two games - Crossroads, and an upcoming game I can't yet discuss. Crossroads, however, is beginning public testing.

I majored in music composition in college, and consider myself a composer even though I haven't done as much composing recently as I would like. My other interests include snowboarding, street hockey (on in-line skates), role-playing, reading, and gaming in general.

I share my condo with two cats - Rasputin and Elminster. Remember kids, don't name a cat Rasputin unless you are prepared for the consequences.