The Hemp Fashion Show

During one of the 4:20 councils there was a fashion show in which all the clothing shown was made out of hemp. Hemp of course is cloth made from the sturdy fibers of the very same plant that the stoners like to smoke. Just as the coffeehouses competing in the Cannabis Cup breed their plants for maximum potency, so too can the hemp plant be grown in a pyschedelic-free version, but even that is banned in America, so the raw materials have to be brought in from more enlightened countries.

Incidentally, industrial hemp can also be used to make paper. Those of you who work in modern offices have no doubt heard this one ad naseum: "Save a tree! Don't print or copy a document unless you really need to." We could however be fighting this problem at its cause. Instead of cutting down forests of trees to make paper, we could be farming industrial hemp and using that to make paper instead. It grows really fast (it is, after all, a weed), which means an acre of land planted with industrial hemp can turn out paper-quality pulp 4 times faster (at least) than an acre of trees. Not only would it save the forests, it would give all those tabacco farmers who are worried about losing their jobs something new to grow (although I gather many of them are already in the marijuana farming business).

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