A Prayer for Peace and Freedom

God, please make the drug war end. We have seen enough lives ruined and enough damage done, not only by the scourge of substance abuse, but also by our nation's misguided laws against particular types of intoxication. Lord, please help America find the way to abolish this terrible policy.

Our society has wasted enough money trying to punish people for the sin of drug use, rather than forgiving them, as Christ always taught us we should do. We've squandered billions upon billions of dollars, for prisons and court costs and DEA agents, money which could have been spent feeding the hungry or sheltering the poor. The un-Christian Drug War has destroyed enough families in the guise of good intentions. It's time for it to stop.

Lord, please help us learn from the past, rather than continuing to repeat it. Please give our country the wisdom we had in 1933, when America repealed alcohol prohibition, despite the many dangers of alcohol use. God, please give our leaders the courage they need now, to speak out against the prohibition of drugs.

We thank you Lord for the positive medical uses of all the plants you created, including marijuana. We ask your help in showing our society that it's wrong to lock people up just for smoking, growing, or even selling a weed.

God, please send your loving spirit to all the non-violent drug war victims currently serving time in our nation's prisons. Please give them the strength and hope they need to endure the unfair punishments they are suffering. Please help our nation find wisdom enough to set them free.

Please God, deliver us from this nightmare, and make Drug Prohibition go away.


Andrew Looney

January 2007

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