Where's the Objectivity?

By Andrew Looney


To the Editors of the Journal,

I was disgusted by your October 12th Sunday supplement cover story, "Knock, Knock: A Glimpse into the Adrenaline-Charged Lives of Drug Investigators." I'm a bit late in reacting to this because I was in Europe last week, and having just returned from Amsterdam, a city where stoners are left alone instead of being arrested, I find it appalling to see my own Free Press publishing a "news" article that reads like a DEA recruitment brochure.

Your writer glamorizes the "exciting" job of the drug-investigator, while utterly missing many important points about the Drug War, namely that it's futile, destructive, and an unconstitutional waste of money. Instead of glorifying the way heavily-armed police officers are endlessly locking up drug users, how about admitting they're destroying the lives of young Americans for no better reason than because they favor weed over beer? Talk about a one-sided pro-government puff piece! Does the ONDCP give you a kickback for publishing this propaganda? For a news agency, you seem shockingly unaware of the shift in public attitude regarding the failed War on Drugs. How's about acknowledging the viewpoints of the millions of Americans who oppose drug prohibition?

Next time, please find some journalistic integrity, and report on BOTH sides of the drug issue, instead of just promoting a career as a narc. Better yet, why not do a cover story about NORML, MPP, the Drug Policy Alliance, and the other numerous groups working to end this insanity?

Yours in Anger,


Andrew Looney

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