My Wildest Dreams...

I have seen the Future, and now I have big dreams: After marijuana prohibition has been repealed, I plan to open a gaming-themed Dutch-style coffeeshop.

For more details on my vision, please see The Future Headquarters of Looney Labs, Part 5: The Dutch Coffeeshop.

I have a dream. I dream of an America where cannabis consumers are as free to enjoy their drug of choice as are cigarette smokers and alcohol drinkers. I dream of an America where pot-smokers no longer live in perpetual fear of having their lives ruined by the police, because the cops only chase actual criminals. I dream of an America where the stoners pay sales tax, where the dealers they buy from pay income tax, and where no one gets murdered or imprisoned because of a plant. I dream of having as much freedom here in America as do the people of Holland. I see a Future in which Amsterdam-style coffeeshops peacefully co-exist with bars, casinos, fireworks stands, and adult bookstores. AndyUltimately, I dream of opening a gaming-themed cannabis cafe of my own.

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