Pano Gallery #6 - Amsterdam

by Andrew Looney, May 2011

We just got back from a vacation in Amsterdam so of course I took a lot of Panos. Here's one I took of Kristin on the first morning, as soon as we arrived:

And here's one she took of me along with our friend Davy, who was our travelling companion on this trip. We had a great place to stay, in a third-floor apartment with an excellent view, right in the middle of town:

Here's a better look at our splendid view:


...which looked even better at night:

...and even looked awesome when viewed straight down:

But of course, spectactular views are everywhere you look in Amsterdam. Here are some random street scenes:

Of course I have to include a picture of Dam Square:

It's a city filled with bicycles and canals...

...and thousands of these metal poles, called Amsterdammertjes (and which are slowly being removed and replaced with regular curbs):

Even the bathrooms are cool (and usually very small):

This is the Burger Bar, where I had one of the best burgers I've had anywhere:

The image below is a composite of 3 images: two of the same bird at different spots in the street, plus another photographer taking its picture.

I had so much fun just wandering around this beautiful city, taking panos like these. If you enjoyed these, here's a bonus page with 13 more!

Along the way of course, we stopped in to visit many of Amsterdam's wonderful "coffeeshops." Gallery 7 is all about those.

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