Pano Gallery 12

by Andrew Looney, February, 2012

Happy 2012! Our new year is off to a great start. Here's the group I was hanging out with when the clock struck midnight, at Rink & Davy's New Year's Eve party:

Here are some other photos from our recent holiday celebrations. First, here's Kristin's sister Ruth with two copies of her kids, Dustan and Jenelle:

And here we are with the rest of Kristin's family. That's her father Marv in the santa hat, and her mother Elaine next to me over on the right.

Christmas dinner at my parent's house featured a smaller crowd than usual:

Below is a scene from the big Christmas gathering at Alison's parents' house downtown:

...and here you see the crowd of our friends at our own holiday gaming party:

For Christmas I gave my brother Jeff a re-creation of the miniature version of Battle Cry I first came up with as a kid. Jeff's fondness for that board game (and others) was instrumental in causing my own love of the game, so I knew he'd get a kick out of my new implementation of my old idea. As is traditional, he won the game we are seen playing here.

Also notice our Christmas tree in the background. Alison added fresh flowers to the ornaments this year, which we all thought was really cool.

Below are my niece and nephew Sharon & James, playing Claim It with Gina and Alison's mom Jean.

After the holidays, we got back to work on making new games. With Oz Fluxx already at the printer, we've begun work on Cthulhu Fluxx. Here's a glimpse of the artwork kickoff meeting we had, which was possible only through modern technology. The video conference call included designer Keith Baker (in Austin Texas) and artist Derek Ring (in Boston).

Kristin & I went up to Games & Stuff in Glen Burnie to help them celebrate their 12th year in business. Happy Anniversary, G&S! We had fun -- and we got some great playtesting done.

On the home front, we finally got the framing done on the awesome original paintings Larry Elmore did for us for Seven Dragons:

Here we see Alison working on many projects at once. The most exciting is her progress on the Pepperland mural, which has finally gone from solid white to the beginnings of color...

Notice also that the walls and ceiling are now a lovely light blue. (Thanks so much to Alison's friends who showed up one day to help with all that painting!)

Lastly, above is a photo from Alison's garden, where the crocuses are already blooming even though it's barely February (or fairly bebruary, as we've been saying).


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