Homeworlds: Andy vs. Russell
PBEM Game 1, Report #4, 1/8/4

Moves 27 - 31
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Andy: My head is still spinning from your most recent propaganda barrage. I can't even begin to respond to it, otherwise it'll be a week before I take my next move.

I'm converting my large blue to a large green.

Russell: Intergalactic Print News Services recently carried the following story:


The Tribunal of Paradise has recently silenced all of the planetary broadcast media services, in response to a week long media blitz promoting consumption of the Peace Cookie. Apparently all but unnoticed by the Tribunal until it was too late, media celebrities and journalists began a campaign that featured product placement of the Peace Cookie (recipient of the Cookie of the Universe Award!) in the plot lines of virtually every entertainment venue. In addition, news stories about the Embargo placed by the Intergalactic Trade Organization (in response to the Tribunal's baroque policy of Peace Cookie Prohibition) were very clearly biased in favor of the Peace Cookie, and often featured the looks of ecstasy and joy on the faces of the happy citizens eating the Cookies. This was in direct opposition to a series of Tribunal produced public broadcast announcements that declared the Cookies to be instruments of evil, and suggested that only insane Peace-Lovers would voluntarily consume the Peace Cookie. Apparently, the Tribunal failed to notice the laugh tracks covertly added to their announcements and the clever twists of portions of the dialogue, which actually made the Tribunal appear misguided and misdirected. Instead of inciting the anticipated cries for war, the announcements primarily encouraged bouts of giggling, especially when viewed while consuming the Peace Cookies.

Representatives of the Paradise Tribunal, speaking in front of the august body of the Intergalactic Council, voiced misplaced concerns that the Peace Envoys were actually the instigators of the riots and insurgency. However, impartial and objective Intergalactic Council Observers who accompanied the Peace Envoys immediately proved the charges false, and pointed out that the continued prohibition and resulting ITO embargo may well be the undoing of the Tribunal's reign on Paradise.

One consequence of this embargo has been the very limited access to Verdanite, the primary mineral typically imported for green ship building. This mineral is very unstable, and given the confusion and disarray within the Tribunal, mishandling of these materials could have catastrophic consequences. With the short supply, growth is made much harder, and confidence within the military leadership in the governance and wisdom of the Tribunal has fallen dramatically.

Entire branches of the Paradise Military forces have apparently turned against their government, if not always in open opposition, in nonetheless effective non-cooperation. Many former military members have resigned their commissions and enlistment to join up with the Paradise Revolutionary Movement. They have chosen to retain their old ranks and uniforms, with the addition of a very sharp looking Giant Donkey Insignia Patch sewn on to their uniform sleeves. Many members of the PRM are actively delivering Peace Cookies to the populace of Paradise. However, these soldiers have learned the lessons of The Garden Incident, and are very careful and strict about not mixing consumption of Peace Cookies with the operation of vehicles - the deliveries are made on foot. Often times the soldiers are invited into the homes of the citizens, for an impromptu Cookie party, and much gaiety and happiness ensues.

With the news of the collapse of the planetary government and the Peace-full resistance of much of the military, the Intergalactic Council has decided to send in more Peace-keeping Envoys to help return the planet to peace and prosperity. In response to this news, the people of Planet Peace have worked double and triple shifts to complete construction of vessels that will deliver the Envoys with utmost haste to Paradise, where they will be joined by representatives of all of the closer neighboring governments, under the auspices of the Intergalactic Council authority. As word of the preparations for this action has spread, the people of Paradise are reportedly throwing spontaneous Cookie Parties and Welcome Peace Parties, which has further dragged down Paradise worker productivity, but has significantly contributed to raising spirits. Said Edmoy Yimojay, a hard metals worker on Paradise, "I'm really looking forward to the arrival of the IC and the Envoys. I think Paradise is ready to join the IC as one of the planets that other peoples look up to, instead of however they feel when the think of us. I was at a Peace Cookie Party last night, and we're all excited about the changes that are in the air!"

In perhaps the best news of the recent period, Ecological Disaster Recovery Task Force workers on Garden have reported that the damages done to the planet's ecosystem by the illegal Paradise waste dumpage are rapidly being reversed. Fortunately the Tribunal lacked both the time and large enough vessels to do any long lasting damage. Diligent work has resulted in most of the worst areas already healing, and the cleanup efforts will conclude in the next few weeks. The people seem driven by their pride over their Giant Donkey, and whistling and singing as they go about their tasks is widespread.

The Giant Donkey has indeed attracted a lot of attention amongst the intergalactic sentient races. The Intergalactic Tourism Board recently nominated the Giant Donkey of Garden as the Eleventieth Wonder of the Universe, and not surprisingly, won the unanimous support of the entire Board. Simon McAlliboo, a member of the Board said "I just came from a visit to Garden, and there is no better time to visit that lovely place. The planet is recovering nicely, and the Giant Donkey is worth the trip all on its own! My family and I visited the Giant Donkey memorial site several times, and were even lucky enough to go for rides in the Giant Donkey. I'll tell you - you can't call yourself a well-traveled Intergalactic Tourist until you've tried the Giant Donkey Ride on Garden. Find out for yourself why this makes a great vacation - call your local intergalactic travel agent as soon as you can. Now's the time to visit!". Naturally, the Giant Donkey Ride includes complimentary Peace Cookies, said to maximize the enjoyment potential of your *out of this world* experience!

Andy: Sorry to have taken so long in replying. We've been so completely buried under your avalanche of propaganda leaflets that it's been hard to get anything done other than piling up and burning your propaganda leaflets.

I'm changing a small green to a small yellow at Cobalt.

Russell: I'm building a medium blue at Peace.

Despite the interest in the print media, the people of Peace have announced that they no longer wish to hear from the Intergalactic Print News Services. While this media doesn't have the same sort of dangerous qualities that the broadcast media agencies have, we have become aware of a subtle bias in the reporting from the IPNS, and have cut off all distribution of their stories

In response to the continuing demand for more Cookies, a new vessel was constructed at Peace, which will be used to carry the Peace Envoys to the still silent Tribunal, in hopes that the Envoys and Cookies will help them relax and contemplate Peace.

Andy: The Tribunal has announced that a small yellow ship is being built at Cobalt.

First Move of the Game
Andy:1:Homeworld (LGSB, lr)
Russell:2:Homeworld (MYSB, lg) Name (MYSB, "Peace")
Andy:3:Construct (LGSB, sr)
Russell:4:Construct (Peace, sg)
Andy:5:Trade (MYSB,sr,sg) Name (MYSB, "Paradise")
Russell:6:Trade (Peace, sg,sb)
Andy:7:Construct (Paradise, sr)
Russell:8:Construct (Peace, sg
Andy:9:Trade (MYSB,sr,sy)
Russell:10:Construct (Peace, mb)
Andy:11:Discover (Paradise, sg, MB) Name (MB, "Cobalt")
Russell:12:Discover (Peace, mb, LG) Name (LG, "Loverly")
Andy:13:Construct (Paradise, sr)
Andy:15:Trade (Paradise,lr,lb)
Russell:16:Trade (Loverly,mb,my)
Andy:17:Construct (Paradise, sy)
Russell:18:Sacrifice (Peace, lg): Construct (Loverly, mb); Construct (Loverly, lb); Construct (Peace, lb)
Andy:19:Discover (Paradise, sy, MG) Name (MG, "Garden")
Russell:20:Sacrifice (Loverly, mb): Trade (Loverly, lb,lr); Trade (Peace, lb, lg)
Andy:21:Construct (Garden, sy)
Russell:22:Move (Loverly, lr, Garden)
Andy:23:Construct (Garden, my)
Russell:24:Move (Loverly, my, Garden); Catastrophe
Andy:25:Construct (Cobalt, sg)
Russell:26:Sacrifice (Peace, lg): Construct (Loverly, mb); Construct (Loverly, lb); Construct (Peace, lb)
Andy:27:Trade (Paradise, lb, lg)
Russell:28:Sacrifice (Loverly, lb): Trade (Loverly, mb, mg); Trade (Loverly, mb, my); Trade (Peace, lb, lr)
Andy:29: Trade (Cobalt, sg,sy)
Russell:30: Construct (Peace, mb)
Andy:31:Construct (Cobalt, sy)

Copyright © 2004 by Andrew Looney.

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