an Icehouse game by Andrew Looney



Unless you play on a really small table, you'll also need a system for judging whether or not your piece is successfully pointing at something. A long piece of string or thread works well; you can also use a yardstick. But the coolest way is to get a "STRAIT-LINE Laser Line Generator" like the one shown here, which projects a perfect targeting line onto the table wherever you need it. (Unfortunately, they're expensive...)


For those who enjoy losing money when they play games, here's are the Casino Rules:

Note that in an actual casino (or other high-stakes venue), the House (or some players) may insist that all dropping of pieces be done by an impartial dealer, who will also make any necessary judgment calls when determining what a dropped piece is pointing at. (The House will also claim a small percentage of each pot...)

Copyright © 2002 by Andrew Looney.

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