The Shrine of Long Hair Worship

Andrew Looney has a major obsession with long hair, and this is where that obsession lives. The Shrine of Long Hair Worship is like some sort of heathen temple, where long hair is idolized and women who have it are treated like goddesses.

In the center of the shrine is a large statue of a woman, with her head thrown back and her hair hanging down, dragging on the ground. On the walls all around you are numerous images of long haired women... some are paintings, though most are photographs. Hanging above a small alter covered with candles is one painting which appears to be the object of particular worship at this time, which depicts one long haired woman brushing out the hair of another long haired woman.

Piped in from somewhere is the song "Hair." It seems to be playing over and over again.

In one corner is a large machine labeled "Hair Sensors." This seems to be a device that constantly scans the environment for signs of long hair and puts Andy on alert whenever hair is detected. Mr. Spock is seated at the console, peering into the scanning device. It seems to be the evil, alternate universe Mr. Spock, as he sports a goatee... but then again, he's also wearing a tie dyed shirt, so maybe it's the hippie Mr. Spock from that episode where the spore plants attacked him and made him happy and illogical.

Kristin is here, brushing out Alison's beautiful long hair.

The only place you can go from here is back into the Erogenous Zone. Or you can look at the map.

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