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 Leftover bits of stuff you may find to your taste...

(ort) n. a morsel left at a meal: scrap.

There's not much needed to say in the way of introduction to this section. It's just leftover stuff that didn't fit in any other category. It's always been a favorite word of mine ever since we started using it at camp.

After a meal all the plates are scraped into one bucket, and at the end it's weighed to see how much food was wasted. "Weighing the Waste" became "Weighing the Orts." Burgundy Center for Wildlife Studies is an excellently quirky little nature camp. I recommend it highly.

Anyhow... I present these leftovers to you for your mental tasting. They were good the first time around, so they're probably still good, maybe better...

I would have called it Cetera (Latin for "the rest" as in et cetera "and the rest") but Ginonhn already took that one, so orts it is.


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