My Palindrome My... (my palindrome eye)

I think what I like best about palindromes is that palindromicity gives a phrase validity, despite it's inevitable absurdity.  Absurdity is good.  I think I would be disappointed with a palindrome that said something normal.  I must point out however, that absurdity does not mean nonsense.  I can't stand a palindrome that has been created for the sole purpose of being the same forwards and backwards, without regard for meaning and usually with emphasis on length -- long lists of words or names, for instance.  What's the point of achieving that?

Be sure to check out John Cooper's pages on the web - he has accumulated a nice list of palindromes as well.
The most extensive listing I have seen, however, is MockOK's attempt to exhaustivly showcase the genre.


My very favorite ever, the longest I've ever done, and a really neat one, to boot:

 He stressed no garden index if I fixed nine dragon desserts, eh?


Some other fun ones I've done:

Sam!  Allen!  Interpret nine llamas!

Go, do not tack cat to no dog.

Live to help pot topple hot evil!

Em had a boot, but not a gem:
a mega-ton tub.  Too bad!  Ah me!

Here's one about myself:
Lee, help Miss Frane to do ten "arfs,"
simple heel.


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