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Okay. This isn't quite ready yet, but if I don't tell anybody about it, maybe they won't notice until it's ready...
Seems like everybody's got their own local terms and "in" jokes. Well, we've certainly got 'em too. Here is another kind of glimpse into our life here at wunderland.earth, which I figure might actually be useful, should any of you dear readers encounter us in person and wonder what the heck we're talking about sometimes.

We started with the realization that we have a lot of interesting neologisms, which often come from call-backs to personal events (often, but not necessarily humorous ones), which are really just a kind of quote based humor quoted from the movie of our lives. That's how we came to be including all these different types of memes. Here they are, listed in order of increasing niftyness, and decreasing accessibility of meaning.

First of all, the quote-based humor is totally out of hand around here. Andy is mostly to blame for this, and he's got an extensive repertoire. Many of our most frequently used quotes will be familiar to most of you -- Star Wars is well represented herein -- but there's also some really obscure stuff that requires extensive explanation.
Secondly, it's all about the call-back. For those not familiar with this, it's when a previously-made joke is later referenced for repeated laughter. Often it's even funnier the second time around because it's cleverly out of context. To a certain extent, all in-jokes are really just call-backs to some moment of humor that "you had to be there for." So now, you can pretend you were there too.
Neologisms are something else entirely. I was going to use the term "slang", but that makes it sound so... slangy. A neologism is a new word, expression, or usage. I've found that (at least for us) they often start out as quotes, or in-jokes, or just references to past situations that aren't even necessarily humorous. After a while they start to have a life of their own, and a neologism is born. These newly created meanings are often not necessarily intuitive to the outsider, hence the guide.