Are You A Werewolf?

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Are You A Werewolf?
Rules of Play

Materials: If you don't have a set of our special Werewolf cards, you can use plain playing cards. You'll need two cards that say "Werewolf," plus one that says "Seer" and up to twelve that say "Villager."

Instructions: Assemble a village of 8-15 people. Most players will be ordinary villagers, but two will secretly be hungry werewolves. A third player will also be a mystic seer who learns secrets during the night. Lastly, a moderator is needed.

Setup: Shuffle together both werewolf cards, the seer card, and enough villager cards so that there is one card for everybody. If no one takes the moderator card voluntarily, shuffle it in as well. Deal a card to each player, face down. Everyone secretly looks at their card, and may not reveal it until they are killed.

Night: During the night, the werewolves will maul someone, and the Seer will learn the truth about one player. The moderator must lead the villagers through the events of the night by following the Moderator's Script.

Day: Players gather in the village and discuss who to lynch. The mob wants bloody justice. Once a majority agrees to lynch someone, the lynched player shows his or her card and says nothing for the rest of the game.

Game Over: Repeat night and day until the werewolves are dead, or the number of werewolves and villagers is equal, in which case the werewolves overrun the villagers, killing them off openly. All players still alive at the end of the game are the winners.

Night-Noise: When everyone closes their eyes at night, it is best for people to also start humming, tapping the table, patting a knee, or making some noise. This will cover up any sounds made accidentally by the werewolves, the seer, or the moderator.

Role-Playing: When the Wunderland Toast Society plays this game, there is always plenty of role playing (sometimes to the detriment of the village). Jake becomes the Interrogator, Andy attempts to control debates and town decisions by getting elected Mayor, and John is always the High Priest of the Mystical Oracle, who gets to ask the Magic 8-ball a question once per day. And while we're alive we're winning, so we try to make our roles as acceptable and entertaining to the other villagers as we can. Try it!

Nothing Means Nothing: If you can't keep quiet when you're dead, leave the room.

Moderator's Script

It is night. The moon is full.
Everyone, close your eyes.
Werewolves, open your eyes.
Werewolves, choose a victim.

The werewolves silently agree on and gesture towards the player they wish to kill. The moderator silently confirms them.

Werewolves, close your eyes.
Seer, open your eyes.
Seer, point at someone.

The moderator gives the seer a thumbs up if the indicated player is a werewolf, and a thumbs down if he or she is just a villager.

Seer, close your eyes.
The sun is rising. The night is over.
Everyone, open your eyes and see that this person has been torn apart by werewolves.

The moderator points at the victim, who reveals his or her card and says nothing for the rest of the game.

Happy Hunting!

This game is based on the classic card game "MaÞa." Andrew Plotkin taught it to us and came up with the werewolf theme. Alison drew the characters.



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