This shirt turns me into a...



1.) Find some people to play with, not counting me. You need at least 2 players.

2.) Get each player to find something to use as a playing piece. You can use any sort of small object that you want for your playing piece, as long as you can tell it apart from the other people's playing pieces.

3.) Find 6 coins.

4.) Talk me into lying down on my stomach and holding still long enough for you to play the game. (If I'm a small or skinny person, you may need to ask me to put my arms inside my shirt and hold them flat against my body while you play, so that the playing pieces don't slide off.) You might want to read the rest of this shirt before asking me to lie down.


  • A doll house item, like a little chocolate cake or a tiny TV set
  • The top hat from Monopoly
  • A cool little rock, or a colorful pebble
  • A gingerbread man from Candyland
  • A Hershey's kiss or a piece of PEZ candy (just don't eat it until the game is over)
  • A Lego
  • A king or a queen from a chess set
  • A mouse from Mousetrap
  • A miniature metal figurine of the sort used in role playing games, such as a knight, a wizard, or the Emperor of the Universe
  • A paper clip
  • A little car from Life
  • An Icehouse pyramid
  • A small seashell
  • The candlestick from Clue
  • A hotel from Monopoly
  • A bottle cap
  • A Scrabble tile, such as the first letter of your name

... but if you take a playing piece out of some other game, be sure to put it back when you're done playing this one!


1.) All players start with their pieces in the Home space at the center of the board.

2.) The player with the longest hair goes first.

3.) Instead of using dice, shake the 6 coins up in your hands and drop them on the floor. Move ahead one space for every coin that came up heads.

4.) If you land on a space that tells you to do something, follow those instructions to the best of your ability.

5.) The first person to reach the Winner's Lounge wins. You do not need to get in by exact count.

6.) If I start getting restless, you might want to start using more coins, so that the game will end faster.

7.) If, for some reason, I just can't continue lying on the floor and must get up, then whoever was closest to the Winner's Lounge will be the winner.

8.) It's OK to make up new rules for this game as long as everyone agrees to them.


Monopoly teaches us that we don't all have to be identically shaped pieces of assorted colors when playing a board game. We can instead be a racecar, a battleship, a little tiny dog, or whatever. But most people miss the real point of this lesson, and always use the standard, boring tokens that are included with whatever game they happen to be playing, reserving the cool Monopoly pieces only for use with Monopoly.

That's why this game didn't come packaged with any game pieces at all. Instead, you should select something interesting and unique to use as your playing piece. After all, your playing piece is supposed to represent YOU. Does a bright blue pawn really do a good job of reflecting your personality? Of course not! So pick something that does!

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