Right to the Bottom

All of the Other Cinematic Retellings of the Titanic Disaster Rolled into One

By now, virtually everyone has seen the second most expensive movie ever made, James Cameron's megahit epic Titanic. Further, everyone knows that the disaster could have been averted if only the Captain had listened to the numerous warnings about icebergs he received.

What isn't as well known is that the Captain also failed to heed warnings from at least 3 separate time travelers who ended up on board the Titanic on that fateful night. For some reason, Jim choose not to tell that part of the story in his epic, which is why I decided to make my own version.

Right to the Bottom is a film I'm creating, by carefully editing together scenes from 4 other feature length films about the disaster, along with clips from episodes of Time Tunnel and Voyagers and a couple of other films in which the Titanic has appeared.

This project began when I found a page on the web that catalogued the film versions of the Titanic story that had gone before Cameron's version. Since I was a Titanic enthusiast since childhood, I got interested in watching all of these other versions and started tracking them down. And after watching them and seeing how the same story is told in various different ways, it occurred to me that it would be cool to see them all intertwined. So, I undertook to do so.

The alpha version of Right to the Bottom is done, but of course, with copyright restrictions being what they are, few will get to see it. However, we have plans. When we get some time, we hope to find someone who can do the work of obtaining the necessary rights and creating a production quality master, so that we can turn my unique film project into an actual Looney Labs product.

In the meantime, just to give you an idea of how much work I've put into this thing, take a look at my shooting script. To make Right to the Bottom, I had to watch the various versions over and over again. I watched the Titanic sink every day for weeks, and put together a detailed cuesheet for the scenes I'd include in my version. This is just the working script though; I made a lot of on-the-fly changes during the editing but did not attempt to update this document afterwards.

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