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Time Travel Card Game & Martian Chess Set Win Major Awards

Looney Labs Games Win Origin Awards, Parent's Choice Award

July 12, 2001

Contact: Kristin Looney

COLLEGE PARK, MD-Looney Labs has been awarded three major industry awards in the past month, a tremendous step in making a name for the small but growing game company.

Just last week, Looney Labs received the Best Abstract Board Game of 2000 award for their flagship game, Icehouse: The Martian Chess Set, and the Best Traditional Card Game of 2000 award for Chrononauts: The Card Game of Time Travel. These were presented at the Origins Awards ceremony, at the Origins International Game Expo and Fair. The Origins Awards are a 27-year tradition of the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts & Design. Each year, nominees are selected by the Academy membership, and voted on by the gaming public and the Academy.

Looney Labs also recently won the Parent's Choice Spring 2001 Silver Honor in the category of "games for children 11 and up," for their time travel card game, Chrononauts. The Parents' Choice Silver Honors are presented semi-annually to excellent products that are designed to entertain and help children develop universally ethical attitudes, and rigorous standards and skills. Parents' Choice is the country's oldest and most respected nonprofit guide to children's media, offering hundreds of on-line reviews and resources for parents, teachers, grandparents, and others.

Regarding why these awards are so important to Looney Labs, Kristin Looney, the company's Business Czar, says " The two Origins awards give Looney Labs a level of name recognition within the adventure game industry which we have never had before. The Parent's Choice award, on the other hand, gives us recognition within the educational and other more mainstream markets. It's very cool to have official organizations telling us what our fans have been telling us for years... Looney Labs makes really great games!"

More information about Looney Labs is located online at


Founded in 1996, Looney Labs is a small game company. Operating out of Kristin and Andy Looney's eccentric suburban home, dubbed Wunderland, the company publishes innovative, attractive, fun family parlor games including Fluxx, Aquarius, Chrononauts, and the Icehouse set. As an internet-based company, Looney Labs uses secure e-commerce software to market and distribute their products, and they host an enormous website, updated each week with company news and original literary content, at


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